Updated Amazon Mechanical Turk Terms — What’s Changed

As part of our efforts to improve Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) for Requesters and Workers alike, we took a fresh look at our legal terms. Today we’ve posted updates to our Participation Agreement, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Notice. These updates will help us keep improving MTurk, and hopefully make it easier for you to understand how the marketplace works. Here are some of the most important updates:

Participation Agreement

· We restructured the Participation Agreement to make it shorter and easier to read, and consolidated the Prepaid HITs Terms with the Participation Agreement so there’s one fewer page of terms to review.

· We added a formal requirement that Requesters and Workers be professional and courteous with each other.

· We explained what we mean by “human intelligence” and where it’s ok to use scripts and tools.

· We simplified the wording on the relationship between Workers and Requesters and clarified Requesters’ ownership of work product submitted by Workers and our use of feedback and other content submitted via the marketplace.

· We added detail about previews that we may make available for evaluation of new offerings.

· We updated the payment-processing clauses, including how we collect and disburse funds.

· We revised the arbitration clause for changes in the law.

Acceptable Use Policy

· We rewrote the General Policies into a shorter, simpler Acceptable Use Policy.

· We added FAQs on bots, scripts and other automated HIT-answering tools.

· We consolidated the FAQ on “examples of HITs that violate Amazon Mechanical Turk policies” into a single FAQ on examples of prohibited activities, and added a few more illustrative examples to our non-exhaustive list of prohibited uses of MTurk.

Privacy Notice

· We updated the Privacy Notice to make clear that MTurk follows the same information practices as Amazon, and that information collected on MTurk is subject to the Amazon Privacy Notice.

Please review and familiarize yourself with the updated terms, which are effective immediately for all customers.

Thank you being for a MTurk customer.

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