Quick update: improved browser tab titles for MTurk Workers

In December 2017, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) introduced an entirely redesigned Worker experience. Since then, hundreds of Worker customers have shared thoughtful, valuable feedback to help make this new experience even better. Drawing from that feedback, today we are pleased to announce another improvement for MTurk Workers to help when working on multiple HITs, managing their HITs Queue, and navigating the MTurk Worker website.

More helpful browser tab titles

With today’s launch, Workers will now see browser tab titles that offer helpful hints about the page they are on when navigating among the most frequently accessed pages on the Worker site. This includes the Dashboard, Earnings and Qualification pages.

Browser tab titles for the Dashboard, Earnings and Qualification pages

When browsing to “Your Activity” pages from the Dashboard, Workers will be able to see the dates for the pages they have opened as the tab title.

See your activity dates on your tab titles

On the “Your HITs Queue” page, the number of accepted HITs will appear on the tab title to help Workers better manage their queue of accepted HITs in progress.

See the number of HITs in your Queue on the tab title

In addition, Workers will see the title of the HITs on their browser tabs when previewing and working on accepted HITs. As seen below, when previewing HITs, the tab title will reflect the HIT title and, if not yet accepted, the fact that the HIT is being previewed. For Workers that sometimes work on multiple HITs at a time, the addition of HIT titles in browser tabs helps more efficiently navigate between HITs and other Worker site pages.

See HIT Titles in your tabs

Wrapping up

We hope these improvements help all Workers more easily use and navigate the MTurk Worker website. Workers are encouraged to continue sharing their thoughts and feedback using the “Feedback” link at the bottom of every page on the MTurk Worker site. Stay tuned for more improvements to the MTurk Worker experience!

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