Introducing updates to the Worker experience: a refreshed Dashboard & a new experience for new Workers

MTurk’s new Worker site now includes an improved Dashboard, and will soon include the ability to browse all HITs and request Qualifications. This new website will become the standard experience for all Workers who register on or after November 1, 2017, and for all MTurk Workers starting December 15, 2017.

We’d like to first give thanks to our Worker customers and the tremendous feedback that they have shared with us regarding the new MTurk Worker site. Nearly 1,000 Workers have taken the time to communicate their experiences and perspectives. We’re grateful for their positive reactions and constructive feedback. Workers tell us they love the new look-and-feel and functionality, and have shared great ideas for even more improvements they’d like to see in the future.

For instance, Workers asked us to make it easier to locate and retrieve their Worker ID. To address this feedback, we made the Worker ID permanently available on every page in the top navigation bar. With one simple click, Workers can copy their Worker ID to their clipboard to conveniently access and use it when working on HITs. Workers using “Your HITs Queue” wanted an easier way to quickly work through all the HITs in their Queue. So we changed the site flow to automatically load the next HIT in the Queue after a HIT was completed. Workers also told us they need a better way to find the status of their earnings and submitted work. To address this, we are excited to announce a newly redesigned Worker Dashboard & Status page on the new Worker site.

The new Worker Dashboard takes better advantage of your browser’s space to arrange your HITs and earnings information by what is most important to you. You can see your daily HITs activity, earnings available to transfer and historical HIT statistics easily at a glance.

The new Worker Dashboard available at

New features on the new Worker site, such as the new Worker Dashboard, continue to build upon the new site’s principles of simplicity and suitability for mobile devices.

Workers also asked for the ability to browse all HITs, even those they aren’t yet Qualified to work on. This allows Workers to see the full catalog of eligible HITs in MTurk, and to request Qualifications from Requesters for those that the Worker may not yet be qualified to work on. We plan to introduce this improvement next month to help Workers find even more great HITs to work on.

Here are some direct quotes we’ve received from Workers about the new Worker site so far:

“I love the new layout. It’s easier and cleaner to read.”
“I just wanted to say I really like the new site. It works perfectly on my mobile and makes finding hits very easy. Thanks!”
“I LOVE having my worker ID at the top of the page. On the old site, I always had to have two tabs of [MTurk] open. One for the HIT I’m working on, and the other to access my ID. Now I won’t have to do that anymore! Thank you!”
“I like [the] new website, please make it default for me.”

Today we’re announcing that the new Worker site will become the standard experience for all MTurk Workers who register on or after November 1, 2017. This means that new Workers who sign up for MTurk will not need to switch between two separate MTurk experiences as they work. Instead, they will be able to search, browse, accept, and submit HITs all on the new Worker site. And with the introduction of the new Worker Dashboard, they will also be able to track submitted HITs, view earnings, and request disbursements on the new Worker site. The new Worker site will become the standard experience for all MTurk Workers starting December 15, 2017. We’re excited to continue improving the new Worker site to help build an even better MTurk for Worker customers everywhere.

Workers are encouraged to continue sharing feedback to help us improve your Worker experience. We look forward to more of your thoughtful, passionate, and helpful input.

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